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    I'll be moving to Raeford area in about 9 months. Anyone live there, or familiar enough with that area, to warn me of laws i might need to know that aren't coverned anywhere else?

    Decided to move there due to dropzone and wind tunnel. Anyone else into skydiving? My wife sure would like a diving buddy when we get there, and we both would like some OC friends when we get there. Thanks guys!

    oops! "Raeford" for the title
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    Raeford's fairly rural for the most part and has no special local laws to consider. I OC through out the entire area around Fort Bragg without issue and no one will harass you for it. Just be aware that if you go to Fayetteville to go to Cross Creek Mall you won't be able to carry in the mall and there's absolutely no carry period on the Fort Bragg reservation. You'll also have no problem finding jump partners around Fort Bragg, just expect most of them to be military.

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