hey guys tried to find the SWVA thread but couldn't.

i went to help at the wilderness trial festival in Christainsburg Saturday. thanks to John and his mother and father and Dave. i think we had a very successful event. gave out hundreds of "Gun Saves Lives" sticker and sold lots of paraphernalia, and made hundreds of contacts for the VCDL

good time was had by all

i had three anti's, that would admit to it. one did not even try to talk and just walked off two tried to use the old hand that guns do kill (which i pointed out they didn't and offered a hundred dollar bet mine wouldn't) then there was the ___ #of people that were killed today (i pointed out that there were a least 14,00 people saved by guns today and that 80 million people didn't shoot anybody today). one guy tried the "my friend got shot" (to which i pointed out, if his friend had had a car wreak would he blame the car). to which case they would just say AAARGH and walk off

i had three people from other countries. one was from England, but when i started to point out the crime rate in England they walked off. one was from France and wanted to understand the concept of GSL. so i explained the fire extinguisher concept to him and i think he got it so then he took a sticker from me

another guy was from Saudi Arabia. he had his wife and kids with him. we went over the seat belt and extinguisher, and also how my gun has saved my life several times, even though i never had to shoot anyone with it. he thanked me and took a sticker

i did finish up as we were closing with a lady that had a terrible hopolophobia to guns, but the reason was that several years ago some man had said he was "going to kill all the *******" and had shot her husband. we actually had a good discussion. she was not against guns just couldn't understand why any body would want one. i pointed out that the man that shot her husband could not have legally bought the gun, that there were laws against someone with mental treatments getting one that the man broke the law in that prospect alone. but i used the to point out if her husband had been hung with a rope would she be against ropes?. i also pointed out that gun control was old Jim Crowe laws to keep black people from getting guns to defend themselves. since she was not for taking my guns away from me. by the time we were done with our talk she agreed that banning guns would no better than banning alcohol or drugs

i actually do like to talk to antis. i hope to do some more non gun shows again. i can't tell you what the others ran into. but i did notice John wagging his head a few times