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Thread: So I was walking around in Manitou Springs...

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    So I was walking around in Manitou Springs...

    I saw that they were having an Obama rally in the park, and being the rascal that I am...

    There were probably about 40 people there, which included a couple of Manitou cops for part of the time.

    Well, no one said a word. I petted the Obama mascot horse, smiled at the people at the booths, and just walked around and mingled. Petted the dogs, smiled at the children.

    Senator Bennett spoke briefly, and then was making the handshaking circuit. I thought, Oh heck, I gotta go meet the Senator. So I did, and I shook his hand and chatted with him for a few seconds. I don't think that he noticed the Beretta in a cross draw holster on my hip, or if he did, he didn't react in any way.

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    Keep Calm, Carry On and most people notice you and not the weapon.

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    This kind of reminds me of what happened in Christainsburg VA this weekend. there was an Soetoro; aka Obama booth and a Romney booth at the festival giving away signs and stickers. it was kind of interesting, when we offered the GSL stickers, how many of the Soetoro/Obama people turned them down and how many took them. a few of the S/O people were happy, but most were grumpy. i don't think any of the Romney group turned them down
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