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Thread: Big Reno Show

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    Big Reno Show

    I received in the mail a flyer for the big reno show from November 16 through the 18th. Normally I just mark the calender as to those dates but something told me to read through the list of rules. There was one rule in particular that I did not like and the addendum that accompanied it, as such I will no longer be attending this show. The rule and addendum are as follows

    2. No loaded firearms, magazines or clips will be permitted
    Addendum to Show Rules
    All Firearms without exception must be inspected and tied in order to be sold, displayed or carried in this show and all clips and magazines must be removed and empty. All firearms applies to BB guns, pellet guns, antique, modern, collector type, flintlocks etc. No one, except for law enforcement personnel may carry or conceal a loaded firearm in the show. For CCW permit holders you will unload your firearm and tie it inoperable if you insist on carrying. The general public entering the show with a firearm are instructed to clear security for inspection and have their firearm tied.

    Now I've never been searched when entering this show and I generally do not OC when going into a casino, and I know that there is no weight of law behind this other than trespass if they discover my CC firearm and I refuse to leave. However, in my opinion, and it is just that, my own opinion, I will no longer be supporting an event that does not respect my right to carry.

    FYI the full rules can be found on the big reno show's website under show rules and the addendum can be found under application for space.

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    Write them and tell them so and why.

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