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Thread: About as bad as it gets in boring connecticut

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    About as bad as it gets in boring connecticut,481424.story

    "The sergeant ordered Duell to turn his vehicle around. Before he did so, Duell threw the iced coffee at Motowidlak, hitting him on the right shin, McKeon said. Duell then cursed at Motowidlak again and drove off, McKeon said."

    But in CT it can take hours and hours to clear a simple accident scene w/no injuries ....

    I hope I get on this guy's jury ..... NOT GUILTY ice coffee man. lol

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    Shouldn't have banged against his car but two wrongs don't make a right.

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    Not related to OC or RKBA.

    Moved it.
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    Was he endangering anyone by driving around the emergency vehicles or hampering the efforts of the emergency crew? If so, then I fully support the chief's actions. Then again, I have punched a guy's truck when he nearly hit me with it once.

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