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Thread: open carry question

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    open carry question

    I have a conceal carry permit but thought about trying to carry openly in public. I was wondering if anyone has been hassled when carrying openly?
    I live in Nelson Co.

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    If you OC enough then you will get hassled. It will probably be just a five min problem or getting asked to leave your firearm in your vehicle. It usually won't be much of an issue at all.

    I would suggest to ALWAYS carry a recording device (cell phone works best in my opinion. Video/audio). This is, like your firearm, for your protection.

    Kentucky is very rights friendly and our LEOs usually reflect that. They may ask you to stop but usually know that they do not have the authority to make you stop. Do not ever ask a LEO/Gun salesman/any Lawyer that you didn't pay/or anyone else for legal advice. The misinformation out there is astounding.
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    In my experience you will get a few people putting their hands up in the air and saying stupid sh!t like "don't shoot." And you will get a few "are you a cop?" (keep in mind that only cops have guns) You will probably have a run with with LEO in due time, but if you are legal and know how to stand your ground you should be fine. But for the most part the act of OC'ing doesn't get much attention. I would say that OC'ing is commonly accepted but not really a common practice.(atleast not in my neck of the woods )

    Also keep in mind that you do get a good experience here and there. I have had people ask about me OC'ing and say "I didn't know you could do that without a permit" (often said with surprise and the good way of course) or "I think I may start OC'ing myself since I know it's legal now"... I hope your experiences are good. Welcome to the world of OC...
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