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Thread: Carry banned in Rainsville council meets

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    Carry banned in Rainsville council meets

    This ordinance was apparently in reaction to O.C. in the council chamber

    RAINSVILLE The Rainsville City Council on Monday night passed an ordinance making it unlawful for anyone other than a police officer to carry a firearm while attending a council meeting or a meeting of any committee or other board appointed by the council.
    City attorney Jayson Carroll said the motivation was seeing citizens in other areas who would open carry a firearm at a meeting.

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    More commies identified. And why are police exempt? I would march up and down the street before the next meeting. And can they pass such an ordinance?

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    Rainsville is in Alabama, not Georgia.

    Secondly..., Rainsville, Alabama, CANNOT Violate Alabama Code 1975 11-45-1.1 OR Alabama Code 1975 11-80-11.

    Thirdly, Alabama Code 13A-11-59 has NOTHING to do with Council Meetings.

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    Thread to Mods: Request this be moved to either the AL forum or an Open Carry forum; this is AL not GA.

    Thanks much.

    By the way, guys, please hit the poll:

    Current results:

    What do you think about the Rainsville Town Council's ban on firearms at council meetings?

    This is a smart move. Weapons and politics don't mix. 40%

    This is a terrible idea. Haven't they ever heard of the Second Amendment? 48%

    Who goes to those meetings anyway? 12%

    You voted: This is a terrible idea. Haven't they ever heard of the Second Amendment?

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