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Thread: resurrecting "Commonwealth" vs "State" on VA badges

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    resurrecting "Commonwealth" vs "State" on VA badges

    I can't find where the old thread/discussion was but we had a lively one about certain law enforcement agencies and what was on their badges. Several examples were shown of sheriff's department badges with "State of Virginia" as the lettering around the state seal on the badge center device.

    It took the Secretary of the Commonwealth some time to catch up on correspondence sent July 10th, but an answer was provided:

    Dear Mr. skidmark,

    I apologize in the delay in responding to your email. Summer is out [sic] busiest time of the year so unfortunately I am in recovery mode now!

    The appropriate wording around the seal would be “Commonwealth of Virginia.” We’d be happy to receive any requests from the law enforcement agencies that wish to use the seal on their badges. If you have any additional questions please let me know.


    Jennifer B. Aulgur
    Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth

    in response to this question:

    Inquiry Info SOC
    Department: SEALS

    Question or Comment: I'm involved in a discussion regarding the use of the Great Seal on badges of various law enforcement agencies within the Commonwealth. Many agencies use the Great Seal as a center device on their badges. The question has come up regarding the use of a circle of text around the seal with the wording "State of Virginia". Can you tell me if such wording would be correct/permitted.

    Not that it matters much, but in case anybody was holding their breath for closure on the matter (and you know who you are).

    stay safe.
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    Google site search helped me find it. It was in the Culpeper Shooting thread.


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    I've been holding my breath all this time. If it was not for my ability to consume a brewski without the need for air I would've assumed room temperature months ago.
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    TFred beat me to it. Sheriff had a badge that had State on it. He was explaining to User that if a part time, dollar a year, Deputy and Tombstone salesman had State on his badge.....Virginia was darn sure a state!

    I suppose the Secretary of the Commonwealth has been too busy patting themselves on the back over their new STATE of the art, Lobbyist Registration System...that doesn't work, to reply.
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