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Thread: Fox 23 News - Oklahoma open carry law causes doubling of permit seekers

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    Fox 23 News - Oklahoma open carry law causes doubling of permit seekers


    Oklahoma's open carry law goes into effect in six weeks, November 1. Firearms classes all over the area are filling up.

    If you're interested, you need to know it takes a few weeks to secure the proper license.
    Matthew Burton has been extremely busy lately.

    Burton said his phone has been ringing non-stop. He said concerned citizens are asking him when they can enroll in his firearms training class. Enrollment has more than doubled, since Governor Fallin signed the open carry bill into law four months ago.

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    The tease to that story at 10pm was horrendous. I wish they would post that video for those that missed it.
    Fox23 is the worst!


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    The writer missed on his facts...there are not 25 states that have open carry available...there are 29 states that have UNLICENSED open carry, and another 16 states that have licensed OC (including OK after 1 Nov.)

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