My wife is starting to want to join me in OC. When we first got together she was a bit apprehensive about firearms, but over time she became OK with my having and using them. More recently, she has become very passionate about citizens retaining their rights. (sweet!)

Anyhow, she has very little firearms experience. In fact, I think the only time she has ever held a gun is when she fired a single shot from my ruger 22/45 last summer. (I hate that gun, by the way. Lots of FTE issues after only 2-3 mags after a fresh cleaning).

Though I am still a die-hard Ruger fan, so I still look towards Ruger first when picking something out for her. I like the idea of having her start out with a .22 that we can take to the range and I can teach her basic handling and safety and such; but then she can also use as a starter OC gun once we've gotten through some education. She's pretty intimidated by the whole process of selecting a gun right now and wants me to pick her first one out. I really like the looks of the SR22, and I checked one out at West Coast Armory in Bellevue, WA while I was in town for work; sadly we couldn't make a deal on the price so I had to let that one pass by.

Anyhow, I want to know if anyone is aware of any good holster options specifically for the SR22. I've never been a fan of the generic nylon style, preferring custom fit paddle type holsters like the Serpa cqc or Fobus paddle designs. An active retention mechanism like the Serpa would probably be great for her starting out as well.