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Thread: St. Paul mom, daughter hold robber at gun point!

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    St. Paul mom, daughter hold robber at gun point!

    "Marty Childs was just released from prison for a first-degree burglary conviction on May 21. He has at least nine prior felony convictions for burglary, theft and other charges."

    Just wow!

    Good to hear about this going into the media and not being covered up! Also nice to see it was a Taurus Mil Pro! Its my everyday carry but in .40 and not pink.

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    I blame Obama ... no jobs. That old lady pinned him to the ground?

    And look, she had to get a permit ... should not need a permit at all.

    And a Taurus? Lucky she did not have to pull the trigger

    Police say "leave the police work to them" ... pinheads

    Glad it worked out well for them .. could have been much worse (locking an escape route for YOU, not wise)

    And why do we need guns, hmmmm....police were only 1/2hr away !
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    I'm glad it worked out for them, but holding somebody at gunpoint for police is a dangerous proposition.
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