I received a call from Senator Scott Beason this afternoon.(couple days ago) He tells me heís ready to go full bore with "our" bill next session (Feb) , along with several other Senators. I told him where Jasonís case was at the moment and then informed him about the Trussville arrest with the city ordinance that mimics 52. Evidently heís been doing some research since the last time we spoke. I told him we wanted something like Florida had, with penalties for having a law on the books that violates State code. He brought it up without me saying anything about it. I told him we were ready to burn up the phone lines, send e-mails and would have people in Montgomery lobbying for the bill. I also said weíd be contacting our representatives personally. I told him Iíd read where the republicans in Alabama were wanting to do something to strengthen our Gun Rights and by gosh now was the time and we wanted it done. I believe the next session will be good time to show some ...strength, even though our numbers are small, we can make a lot of noise and have committed people in every district. Iíll be contacting my senator for a meeting to bring him up to speed on everything and make him aware of what will be in the bill and what we want. For all you whiners, watchers, and pew sitters, itís time to start thinking about pulling your pants up and making a difference in the laws of our State. Get ready, the iron is warming up and Iím hoping itíll be hot enough to brand some ďGoatsĒ next session. For this weíll need everyone in the bunch, including the ones who no longer grace our forums and threads. Everyone knows somebody thatís no longer here, for whatever reason, and itís your responsibility to keep them informed. We need their help too. They will help. We have to get past some of the differences we have and put forth an effort to make a change. Our forefathers had differences and they got it done. We can too. Iím proud of everyone one of you. Letís put our gloves on and fight the enemy, not ourselves. Wait, I meant take the gloves off. Yeah thatís right. Takeíem off. I donít want bruises, I want some blood!! Goat blood. Goats on the hill, you better be holding up our constitution not standing on it. We wonít have you standing on it!!! You have been warned!!!