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Thread: A weapon in his SOCK, Yakima

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    A weapon in his SOCK, Yakima

    I saw this in the paper this morning. I have heard of "well holstered", I have heard of "mexican carry", this is the first incident of "Sock Carry" I have heard of.

    The Associated Press
    YAKIMA, WASH. — A Selah man with a foot wound told Yakima police and deputies he was so drunk he didn't recall who shot him.

    But his girlfriend told investigators he shot himself in the foot early Sunday as she was driving him home. It went off when he suddenly pulled the revolver out of his sock to show her.

    The sheriff's office says the gun had been stolen. The 23-year-old was jailed on possible gun and theft charges.

    Read more here:

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    A drunk keeping a revolver in his sock loaded while he was getting loaded without it falling out until he got a ride home and then shoots himself?

    What I want to know is what kind of socks were they because they sound like sturdy ones!
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    Selah man arrested after shooting himself in foot with stolen gun

    Selah man arrested after shooting himself in foot with stolen gun

    SELAH, Wash. — A 23-year-old Selah man was treated for a gunshot wound to his foot Sunday, and he and witnesses gave police differing reports of how it happened.
    The man told Yakima County sheriff’s deputies and Yakima police officers that he had gotten drunk in a tavern and was shot by someone else, but he didn’t remember any other details, a report from the sheriff’s office said.
    When police examined his car, however, they found a fresh bullet hole through the passenger floorboard. The man’s girlfriend told police that she had been driving him home when he pulled out his .38 caliber revolver and accidently shot himself in the foot.
    The inebriated man then threw the gun out the window, after telling his girlfriend that he had stolen it from a friend. She later helped police recover it from the area where he had discarded it.
    Police contacted the friend, who said his father’s gun had indeed been stolen, and the father was anxious to press charges.
    The Selah man was arrested on outstanding warrants, as well as requested charges of illegal possession of a handgun and theft of a firearm, the sheriff’s office reported.
    Kind of poetic justice here, stole friends gun, hide it in sock, kept drinking until drunk, brag and try to impress girlfriend, shot self in foot! I would think once he is out of jail he will be shopping for a new pair of shoes and a girlfriend and his new nickname is Hoppy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by waterfowl woody View Post
    ...What I want to know is what kind of socks were they because they sound like sturdy ones!
    Tall white Gym socks with the red stripes on top.

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    So what is so new about some loser putting his "gun" in a sock to impress a girl?
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    Re: A weapon in his SOCK, Yakima

    Ain't karma a bitch?

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    Too bad he wasn't keeping it in his waistband!
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    Should have been carrying it in his Jock. Then instead of hitting his foot he'd be doing society a big favor for the future. No more dummies like this with the same DNA at least.

    On the socks, were they perhaps made by Galco or maybe Milt Sparks?
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    Stinky Carry

    Change those socks - your gun stinks!

    Ha, idiot who shot himself. I like these stories. Lucky he did not keep it in his shorts. Bye bye Fred and George, nice knowing you.

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