I found this on Bloomberg Businessof all places. Of note was the last paragraph.

Qik App for iPhone or Android

“Some people will carry a voice recorder in case that law enforcement approaches them. The number of interactions with law enforcement across the country that are unpleasant is becoming much, much smaller. But some people like to be prepared. It’s simply to record the conversation in case the consensual encounter becomes more than that and rises to the level of a seizure. But with the prevalence of cell phones these days, a separate voice recorder is becoming an unnecessary accessory. Most people these days use the Qik application on their cell phones. It streams it up to the cloud, so even if your device is seized, you still have a copy on the cloud. If the local copy were to disappear, you’d still have the cloud copy.”


While Id like to get rid of my 5 year old cellphone of a relic, and replace it with nothing, for you smartphone people, this might be of great benefit-