I only posted this story in the Washington fora,,,, about 1300 folks say it,,, 25 folks made comments.
One guy replied with voter rights info,,,I think he missed the point,,, its just silly.
Im reposting it here in this fora hoping more folks might read it and make some silly comments to me.
For all you lurkers,,,... This is an excuse for you to sign in to OCDO, just so you can berate me for wasting your time!

3 Banks, Consensual encounter, Trip to the sheriffs office, the IRS and extra mags!!!

I awoke to a day I had planned on,, by staying up all night, cause if I sleep, i dont get up early enough to get to the bank on time..
I watched as the dawn came, wiping the sleep from the sky. I felt tripidation in the soul of my bones, cause I really dont like to go out.
Finally I forced myself to put down whatever it was that i had enjoyed all night while consuming a steady diet of stale Law and Order.
I made a pot of coffee, "did I tell you all about my new coffee pot?, its really nice, cause it is not broke", like my old one.
Later, after swilling down some "lightly sugered" Joe, I was ready to dress for my big day, out in the scarry and nasty world I reject.
I carefully stuffed the 6 cigaretts I take when I go out in the world, grabbed my over stuffed wallet and my comb, "never leave the
house without a comb,,,, oh, and a hanky,, "did I ever tell you about the time I was sailing my trimaran to Hawaii and I lost my
only comb in the ocean while I was hanging under the aka with a cresent wrench in my teeth and a vice grip in my hand, trying
to tighten the loose bolts of my cross beam,,, well anyway, If you go sailing out in the ocean, I would recomend taking a spare comb".
So I get my watch, rings and stuff and then.."oh yea I put on my belt and a belt slider,, not my big holster to hold my FNP45 with light
and laser,, I carry that at night, when it dark time, today was day time, with the day light turned on so i could see all the outside without really looking,, so I was just going to take my Star modelo super,, loaded 9+1 with 9x23 winchester silvertips alternating with soft flat nose".
Even though its daytime and light out side, its cold, so cold you could shiver, if you forgot your coat, or mine for that matter.
I realized right there and then, standin in my very kitchen that I would recomend that I should wear my coat.
It was like a doh! moment for me and I instictively slapped my forehead,,, but kind of lightly, cause I haddent screwed up Yet!
So I grabbed my keys and then,,, carefully patted myself down, one pocket at a time,, just to make sure, just in case, just cause.
As I left the house I made sure to lock the door behind me,, then I checked to make sure it was really locked, then just once more.
i got to my car, in my driveway, and stopped to survey my suroundings, check my 6, cant be to careful, seeing nothing out of place
I opened the door, slowly at first, then more rapidly when I was sure it wasnt a trap.
I unplugged the electric heater that i keep in my car, "did tell you i keep an electric heater in my car? It keeps it dry in there
and the windows dont get foggy", "its better for seeing out at the other cars when i can see them", it make me a better driver.
So now Im getting the car started and backing up the driveway, but first i put on that seatbelt thingy.
so I get turned around so the car in facing forward, toward the town thati s the object of my hitherto unrequionted desire.
i drive up the hill toward the highway,,,, highway,,, "the cars up there go soooo fast,,,,"
so I stop at the top cause thats where I dug a hole a few years back and planted my new old hand me down mail box,
"It hasnt grown an inch,, its very dissapointing for me,, it get lots of light, and its in good soil, but,,, oh well"
I got the same kind of crap the I am used to finding in it, "did i ever tell you about the time i found 2 guns in my mail box?
the was a very good day,,, hope the batfe isnt reading this, oh oh did i type that out loud??"
so I light up another smoke for the trip I dread,,, on the highway,, highway to he11,, I mean the highway to town.
so everything is going smooth,, too smooth,, I feel, relaxed, no, tense, or is it just sooo blah, he11, im not a psyco analizer guy IDK!! OK!!!
I get to peninsula credit union so I can unload some of the excess moola i keep finding in my overstuffed wallet, "iIhate it when that happens"
anyway they smile when i enter, I sense that they are unaware of my massive side arm, especially since, as i explaned before,
if you were paying attention, but if you are poor and cant afford to pay attantion, then i understand" that you might have missed it.
My coat covers mos tmy 1911 looking star, it shows about 2 inches of barrel below the hem of my jacket, and you can miss it,
if I Mime "look at me,,, then point at the low hanging barrel, that could be a 45, but it is really a 9, but it a long 9, a super 9, a 9 like no other!
so i get done with my real business at the bank and ask for 2 dollar bills for valentines day, and tell my banker all about the bradys,
and their "boycot!!!" of starbucks,, but i digress, im trying to keep this acouting of my day short, sweet and to the point...
so now im in my car again and im driving through town and ive got my school levy ballet ready willing and with me to drop
off at the ballet box, "I go there so i dont have to waste a stamp to mail it,, think of it, I saved 45 cents today, that makes me smile!".
so im looking for this office that used to be along there, somewhere, on the right side of the road, but i dont see it, not there, not anywhere.
I get really mad at this point,, and im thinking, that why i Hate ALL cops,,, there is never a cop when you want to have a cop!
I want a cop so bad i could just spit, or cuss,,,,but then a phone book might work just as good, i mean i just want some directions!
so i pull into the QFC parking lot, cuse my other bank is in the store, and as I finally see a open space where i can park my car,
lo and behold but what to my wondering eyes does appear but a dirty green KitsapCount Sheriff car parked, empty, next to me, Ha Ha..
so now ive gotta be thinking,, who knew? I walk in the store and whoa, right there in front of me is this deputy, all relaxed like,
smiling and talking with this older lady, just shooting the breeze. well i was shocked! I was taken aback, the wind was knocked out of my sails.
I stoped short, jaw agape, wondering what i should do? sh1t, phreak or fly? I was now bereft of clues, i didnt have a clue, i was clueless.
so i just stood and waited, it seemed like seconds,, I lost track of time, it might of been 4 or 3, maybe as long as 5 seconds...
finally he stopped talking to the lady, and he turned his face toward me, we were locked in eye to eye vision,,, oooh!
then in a facial twist i still dont understand,,, he , he , smiled... god what a relief,, i smiled back, couldnt help myself,
then the lady smiled, it was like the 60's all over agian, we all standing, and smiling, savoring the moment, untill the silence was
broken like the shattering sound of the patio door when your drunken neighbor comes crashing through at 3am cause he thinks
hes at his house but you wont let him in,, then the deputy says to me,,, Ill never forget this, never,, really I mean it,,
he says,,, sup? this kind of blew my mind. finally I gathered my self up and summened forth my bestest english language words,
and I asked him if i could ask him a question? youll never guess what he said then,, go ahead, guess, go on, youll never get it!
He said,, and I quote "sure, go ahead!"

I am tired now, I will post more of my true story tomorrow, if there is popular demand.
typing it now it seems that i had more of a day than i first thought.