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Thread: Stephen Barton ad.

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    Stephen Barton ad.

    It was getting slammed with thinking and poking holes in the logic before they disabled comments but I said.

    "Yeah it's bad you got shot (IN A GUN FREE ZONE) by a criminal. (WHO DIDN'T CARE IF IT WAS A GUN FREE ZONE) but. "48,000 will be murdered with guns in the next presidents term" Cool prediction bro. I bet that earned you a lot of money.  "Ask yourself. Who has a plan to stop gun violence" Wishful thinking! You can't stop it because criminals don't care! That's like asking the wind to stop blowing or poo to stop stinking

    So I posted on another video about him.

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    So Mayors Against Illegal Guns, what do y'all have to hide that prompted y'all to disable voting and comments? Is that y'all know the video would be downvoted into oblivion? Is it because you're worried people are going to call you out on your ********?

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