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    Smile Introduction!

    Howdy y'all. I'm Josh, moved to the valley last year from Oahu, Hawaii. I L O V E idaho's 2A support. Coming from a "hostile" state I really do appreciate the fact that Idaho respects our rights. I was robbed at knifepoint for my iPhone. I had always been into guns, and into the 2A but after this traumatizing incident I put my foot down and refused to be a victim any longer. I carry a 4" colt python whenever I do oc. If you ever see a Hawaiian guy with a python on his hip, say hi!

    Had a good experience with all the business in the Columbia village shopping center, despite this end of town being occupied with a lot of yuppies and transplants they are fairly friendly.

    Does anyone know how I can obtain a ccw under 21? Can I ask the sheriff for an exception? (I'm only 18)

    (11) The sheriff of a county may issue a license to carry a concealed weapon to those individuals between the ages of eighteen (18) and twenty-one (21) years who in the judgment of the sheriff warrant the issuance of the license to carry a concealed weapon. Such issuance shall be subject to limitations which the issuing authority deems appropriate. Licenses issued to individuals between the ages of eighteen (18) and twenty-one (21) years shall be easily distinguishable from regular licenses

    Found that on yahoo answers... Any help would be appreciated!


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    Welcome to Id. Under 21 may be difficult to get. OC is legal at 18 tho.

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    Welcome to Idaho,

    For info on CC laws in Idaho check then click on the state you want to know about. It has up to date info and is a lot more reliable than Yahoo answers. You are correct you can get a permit at 18 in Idaho with sheriffs permission, the downside is it doesn't happen very often. I have only heard it happening once, the good news it was the sheriff of Boise who issued it. The downside is that this person was personal friends with the Sheriffs family. It can't hurt to ask but without having good cause I wouldn't count on it. Good luck. Oh and if your on facebook join up with Idaho Open Carry and Idaho Citizens Defense League both meet up regularly in the Boise area.
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    Enjoy Idaho man... I'm on Oahu for about another year and a half before I get to come back to the mainland. Missing my guns lol.

    As for the permit, the easiest thing to do is apply for an non resident CWP from Maine. I got mine from them when I was 18 and Idaho recognizes all out of state permits. Process to get it takes about 6-8 weeks and Maine doesn't even require fingerprinting if I remember right.

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