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Thread: Oregon Open Carry from Virginia

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    Oregon Open Carry from Virginia

    I am 19 years old from Virginia (right between those tricky gun law years of 18-21). Next summer I will be interning in Oregon for a few months. Am I allowed to open carry, or even possess, a handgun in Oregon? I do not have a permit as I don't need one to open carry in VA, and I'm not old enough to, nor will I be concealed carrying. I've read some of Oregon's gun laws, but want to make sure I'm not confused by the legalese. Could someone break it down simply? Thanks!

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    Re: Oregon Open Carry from Virginia

    You can open carry in most places under 21 (over 18) loaded. However cities and counties can (and some do) restrict loaded OC to those without a CHL. You can always unload OC with loaded mags on you. Portland s ordinance says you cant even do that but it is void under ORS 166.170 which is a preemptive statute.

    Thats the quick run down. Where are you going in Oregon?

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    You can own and openly carry a handgun in Oregon at age 18. Stay out of public buildings, post offices, schools, and towns that restrict unlicensed open carry. Read the flyer for the exact details:

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    Read ORS 166. ORS 166.173 has a got ya...some local governments restrict loaded OC, 173 is the law that allows them to. There is a it.

    ORS 166.250(3) states an openly carried handgun in a holster on your hip is not to be considered concealed.

    ORS 166.260 is the execptions to .250. ORS 166.360-380 concern "public buildings". Unlicensed OC is not allowed in "public buildings" be sure you understand the definition of a "public building"

    Other than in restricted cities, you can legally OC, unlicensed, in any county/state/national park, forest, or on BLM land. In the restricted cities you can still OC, but the weapon cannot be loaded. (a la California carry)

    If you happen to come up to WA to visit whileon this side of the nation, be sure you are doing some recreational activity (like hiking, fishing, camping etc) or going to or coming from such activity. As you are under 21 you will want to make use of RCW 9.41.060(8) RCW 9.41.300 lists restrictions. WA has no restricted cities, everywhere in the state is the same law. One Caution In WA, no loaded long guns in any vehicle, ever...(F&W reg)

    Neither OR or WA restrict carry very much, there are no "off limit" times or places in the forest and parks because an OC is considered a self defence weapon.

    Take the time to read ORS 166 (and RCW 9.41 if you plane to visit WA)

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