Wyandotte County Unified Government for the first time since the Libertarian Party challenged their ban on open carry, back in February 2012, has public stated they are reviewing their weapons ordinance. Click the link for the source http://www.kansascity.com/2012/10/03...w-applies.html

Please if you live in the Kansas City Metro area contact the commission by email or phone asking them to review their weapons ordinance by letting them know they have exceeded state law and that recently Wichita and Overland Park rewrote their weapons ordinances to comply with state law and constitutional mandates. They all have copies of the law and AG opinions.

Never forget be respectful and professional in your dealings with elected officials. If you do that I promise most will at least listen to you.

We are close please help! If you know some in the KC area forward this information.

Below is the contact information:


Mayor Joe Reardon 913-573-5010 no email listed

Board of Commissioners

At-Large District 1, Rev Mark Holland mholland@wycokck.org 913-573-5040
At-Large District 2, John J Mendez jmendez@wycokck.org 913-573-5040
District 1, Nathaniel Barnes nbarnes@wycokck.org 913-573-5040
District 2, Brian McKiernan bmckiernan@wycokck.org 913-573-5040
District 3, Ann Brandau-Murguia amurguia@wycokck.org 913-573-5040
District 4, Tarence Maddox tmaddox@wycokck.org 913-573-5040
District 5, Mike Kane mkane@wycokck.org 913-573-5040
District 6, Angela Markley amarkley@wycokck.org no # listed
District 7, Thomas R. Cooley tcooley@wycokck.org 913-573-5040
District 8, Benoyd M. Ellison no email listed 913-573-5040