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Thread: Ha-Ha Fed agent molested by TSA -- I find the story amusing

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    Ha-Ha Fed agent molested by TSA -- I find the story amusing

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    There is just so much fail that I hardly know where to begin, but I'll take a stab at it:

    Snow was then verbally chastised for attempting to retrieve his belongings, which included his FBI credentials.
    If he was a real FBI "Special Agent" he would have his creds on his person, have barged to the front of the line to show his creds, and been passed through without being groped.

    An FBI employee has exclusively revealed to Infowars how he was “molested” by TSA agents despite having a Top Secret security clearance, ....
    FBI employee with a Top Secret clearance should not be telling anybody he has that clearance. The fact that he has a TS does not mean much. As "Special Agent in Charge of rerieving paper clips from the supply closet" he probably passes by stuff that requires a TS clearance. And for most security work a TS is considered the bottom rung.

    he whole process was a joke and would obviously never prevent an attack, but here they were fondling someone who spent two years and thousands of government dollars going through a background check for a Top Secret security clearance.”
    Two years to get a TS? Two years?!? And notice how he's all concerned about spending thegovernment's, not the taxpayers', money?

    while TSA workers also allowed his partner through security with an unmarked bag of white powder
    His partner, who probably was a real SA and had his creds on his person and would be exempt from the TSA security theater.

    And just how should "a bag of white powder" be marked? "COCAINE"? "ANTHRAX"? "BABY POWDER"?

    where they opened up my waistband and felt around my buttocks, as well as sliding their hands entirely too close to my genitals,”
    Either the TSA guys are going to conduct a proper search or they are just teasing him and themselves. Sounds like he ran into a teaser.

    There's more, but I can't type because I am laughing so hard. This maroon manages to bring shame and disgrace on himself, and by association on the FBI, without actually doing anything. That takes talent.

    stay safe.
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    Ha-Ha Fed agent molested by TSA -- I find the story amusing

    I rarely lend any credence to folks who talk of their TS clearances. People with clearances usually don't speak of them or they really shouldn't have them.

    And skid is right; TS is nothing. Folks with clearances know this. Folks whose knowledge of clearances come mostly from TV and movies think TS is significant.

    I think this agent is a wannabe. But any bad publicity for the TSA is good publicity.

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    Well, my TS was a pretty big deal back in my submarine riding days. Not as big a deal as a radioman's clearance but being a weapons guy on the boats a TS is a pretty big deal.

    Two years does seem quite a while.....though, I seem to recall the "new, more user friendly, super easy to understand and fill out" TS forms, back then, took about two years to fill out. Then the TS was granted about a week after* the form was correctly filled out.

    * The two years involved untold number of back and forths with the 'TS form accepting folks' to make sure every one of the 'unknownnumber of/lost count of' boxes were filled out correctly.
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