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Thread: New forum member, OC 1st time today

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    New forum member, OC 1st time today

    I've had my carry permit for the last 4 years and have CCW regularly. Recently I decided that since TN is an OC friendly state and the wardrobe and holster options were just getting to be a drag, I said the heck with it and got a Blackhawk Serpa CQC for my G19 and went for it. Visited an outdoor car show in a mall parking lot, a craft store and a Kroeger with my wife and kids and I didn't get one strange look, I didn't get approached by anyone....nothing. I figured if I just acted normal then it would go over easy and it did. Way more comfortable than IWB and it was so liberating to not be worrying about printing. I was able to be more aware of my surroundings and not my handgun. Even had a mall security guard close to me taking pictures of the cars and he didn't bat an eye.....I mean, I was ready to be stared at and maybe stopped since the mall posts no gun signs on all the doors.

    My advice to anyone considering the's no big deal. Exercise your rights and enjoy the freedom from hiding like you're doing something "secret".

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    Glad to hear it.
    Most of the time that is how it goes, I have more encounters with curious people than officers of the law, and those are sporadic at best

    Welcome to OC and the forum.
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    I'll be in TN. in a couple of weeks, vacation. My wife wanted Chicago.... NOPE!
    Went to WI, AZ, SD and TN is next. Something about free states that just makes sense where to spend our $.
    If you pull it, you use it. If you pull it and you don't use it, you've done some thing wrong and you might not get another chance. Think about it before you pack it!
    I worked 24/7 for 2A OC rights! Don't like what I did? Try it yourself, it was my full time job!
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