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Thread: Law Professor Demolishes Florida AG's Misuse of Statistics About Guns

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    Law Professor Demolishes Florida AG's Misuse of Statistics About Guns

    Eugene Volokh smashes the Florida Attorney General Office's misuse of statistics in a case that involved unlicensed concealed carry of a firearm. And, Volokh does it with style, too. Heh, heh, heh.

    Essentially, the AG's brief said that since only a small percentage of people have CC permits, then the vast percentage of CC must be illegal, therefore justifying a stop-and-frisk. Volokh totally dissassembles the misuse of statistics, and neatly uses the AG's own logic on the AG's office by saying there was a 99% chance the brief writer was not licensed to practice law. Oh, that was good.

    The blog has a link to the AG's brief, too. Florida readers will find tons of case cites in the brief, a fast, easy source for Florida case law.

    Please click on the link and enjoy Eugene Volokh as he shreds the AG's logic.
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    Good read, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PistolPackingMomma View Post
    Good read, thanks!
    I've always like Eugene Volokh, I read his blog from time to time.

    He's a real supporter of the bill of rights

    In fact I believe a lecture he gave was actually cited by SCOTUS in the Heller case
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