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Thread: s&w bodyguard 380 broken lazer

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    s&w bodyguard 380 broken lazer

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to post a problem I just ran into with my s&w bodyguard 380 auto. The laser just stopped working. I have about 500rds through the bugger. I love the pistol so far. Here is the email I sent today to s&w "":

    My name is Nick. I purchased a bodyguard 380 auto within the past year serial#EBJXXXX. I have also attached a picture of the guns serial number for you. The built in laser has stopped working. I did some research on some online forums to see if this is a common problem. To my finding it is. I tried what everyone else has done:

    -replace batteries making sure to follow the "+" and "-" signs in the battery craddle/well (didnít fix it)
    -clean the contact points between the rubber button and the laser bodyís brass button/contact point (no luck after cleaning)
    -clicked the metal button on the laser body to see if the button still depressed/clicks (clicks but doesnít turn the laser on)

    I am now coming to you to see what we can do to fix this issue. This is my everyday carry gun with my Minnesota permit to carry. Every day without my gun in 100% working order makes me worry. Please get back to me as soon as possible!

    Thank you for all your effort in advanced,


    I will keep this up to date, anyone ever deal with S&W warranty work before? Just wanted to put this out there for others that may have this happen to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minnesota View Post
    ...anyone ever deal with S&W warranty work before? ...
    Feel free to read my saga. Ongoing since February and still waiting on them...

    Your issue shouldn't take as long.
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    Thanks for the link to your post I'll look into it! I got an email back today, looks like I will be sending in just the laser to get a new one in return!
    __________________________________________________ ________________
    Please send lazer only to:

    2100 Roosevelt AVE
    Springfield, Ma 01104

    Roz will replace with a new on
    Have a good day
    __________________________________________________ _______________

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