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Thread: Streamlight ProTac 2L Flashlight

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    Streamlight ProTac 2L Flashlight

    I just wanted to pass along a reccomendation to everyone.

    I have numerous flashlights, and I have carried a Surefire 6PX for over a year now. I have a couple of the same mounted on shotguns, and they are excellent flashlights. I recently purchased a new light that was much smaller, has a pocket clip, and has high, low, and strobe functions -- the Streamlight ProTac 2L! I am absolutely amazed at the quality of this flashlight, and it is smaller than a Mini-Mag AA light! This light [2L] produces 180 Lumens of light, and the 6PX produces 200; however, the Streamlight is much brighter than the 6PX (even though it supposedly puts out less lumens), smaller, and has strobe, which I believe is a necessity on any defensive EDC light. The Streamlight is nearly $50 cheaper than the 6PX and a better light all the way around.

    Just thought I would pass this along. I went through a trial and error period before I found a decent EDC flashlight, and it would've been nice if someone would have threw some reviews my way. If you're looking for an EDC flashlight, then look no further than the Streamlight ProTac 2L!

    What flashlight do you carry?
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    Thanks for the suggestion of this flashlight. I am currently looking to buy one. I will check that one out.

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