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Thread: Private transfer to California resident?

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    Private transfer to California resident?


    I have a good friend who goes to college in AZ but only has a CA license. I've been shooting with him quite a bit and would like to give him one of my firearms because he's not able to purchase from an FFL being a CA resident. He has no intentions of going back to CA after college, would I legally be able to 'transfer' or even just 'lend' him a pistol while he's in AZ? Or would he have to get an AZ ID card or drivers license?


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    Title 18 USC 44. 922

    (It shall be unlawful)
    for any person (other than a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, licensed dealer, or licensed 8
    collector) to transfer, sell, trade, give,
    transport, or deliver any firearm to any
    person (other than a licensed importer,
    licensed manufacturer, licensed dealer,
    or licensed collector) who the transferor
    knows or has reasonable cause to believe does not reside in (or if the person
    is a corporation or other business entity, does not maintain a place of business in) the State
    in which the
    transferor resides; except that this
    paragraph shall not apply to (A) the
    transfer, transportation, or delivery of a
    firearm made to carry out a bequest of
    a firearm to, or an acquisition by intestate succession of a firearm by, a person who is permitted to acquire or
    possess a firearm under the laws of the
    State of his residence, and (B) the loan
    or rental of a firearm to any person for
    temporary use for lawful sporting purposes;

    If he has a valid address in AZ he probably resides there. so you could sell him a firearm

    Also you may lend a firearm to him according to that statute

    *I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice, my internet expertise is no substitute for the advice of a competent attorney licensed to practice law in your state.
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