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Thread: Question about OC from Texan coming to visit recently bought property in NM

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    Question about OC from Texan coming to visit recently bought property in NM

    Hi y'all-

    I just bought five acres of sand in the former Rio Ranche Grande area south of Belen, NM. I would like to know if I can bring my double holstered gunbelt and SA revolvers and wear them on my property and perhaps set up some targets for shooting practice. AFAIK, there is NO habitation within 3,000 ft of my property. Does anyone know how Valencia County laws would apply in this instance? Is there county law pointing out where it is legal or not to target shoot? For that matter, outside of school zones, places where alcohol is served, Federal buildings and Indian reservation lands, is there any considerations as to wherer wearing my gunbelt with two pistonls would be illegal?

    I'll never forget the time I was riding my motorcycle through Utah, and stopped to help a guy on a Harley chopper who was broken down on the side of the road. This was 1983. After we got him fixed up, he offered to buy me a beer. I had noticed he was wearing a revolver in a standard cowboy-style gunbelt. Imagine my shock when we found a bar, and walked right in and ordered with no grief about the gunbelt! Coming from Texas (where it was a $5,000 fine and five years in prison to carry a gun in a bar), this was an amazing revelation.

    So, outside of the aforementioned places, is New Mexico a fairly relaxed state when it comes to open carry re: gunbelt and revolvers, plainly showing outside of jeans?

    BTW, I have no CC license in Texas at this time.

    Thanks for any info.


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    There is state pre-emption so the county cannot establish their own restrictions.

    You can carry your dual- setup on your own property or anywhere else not prohibited- there is no restriction on OC to that end. You cannot conceal more than one gun, but that's another issue.

    According to NMSA 30-7-4 (4) (negligent use of a deadly weapon, consists of): "discharging a firearm within one hundred fifty yards of a dwelling or building, not including abandoned or vacated buildings on public lands during hunting seasons, without the permission of the owner or lessees thereof." - the distances you indicate should leave you being ok. Just be prepared to deal with people wondering what's going on and possibly calling the authorities. Be sure to have a proper backstop of course.

    For future reference, has the essentials and also use the NM Compilation Commission's new website for perusing the statutes and rules:

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