i was just thinking if they are asking for the sheeple to send objection to these advertisers. then maybe we should send them thank yous for running the ads.

what do you think

Groupon and LivingSocial Suddenly Trigger-Happy

Dear hey,

By now, you might have noticed curious ads from two online businesses that offer daily discounts and deals: Groupon and LivingSocial. Specifically, I am talking about offers that seem to go directly against the notion of corporate responsibility by promoting a flippant attitude about carrying firearms in public.

One recent deal, from Groupon, offers discount pricing on a firearms training course that qualifies a person to obtain concealed handgun permits in Virginia, Utah, and Florida: three "Shall-Issue" states with some of the weakest screening/training regimes in the country. The ad even brags, "combined, these permits could allow reciprocity in up to 37 states." This Groupon is not about developing proficiency with firearms, but rather a "quickie" method to carry loaded, hidden handguns in neighborhoods across the country.

Another deal, from LivingSocial, also offers a concealed handgun training course and boasts, "Envious of how fictional characters like James Bond and Lara Croft are cool under fire and able to handle anything that comes up? You can become that way too, in real life, just by going to school—Badass School, that is." Apparently, to LivingSocial, being a "badass" with a gun is just one big, money-making joke. Law enforcement will tell you that carrying a firearm in public is no joking matter, however.

If you find these ads offensive and reckless, please contact Groupon and LivingSocial today to register your disapproval using the following email forms:

1) Contact Groupon
2) Contact LivingSocial

We understand that Groupon and LivingSocial are in the business of making money, but in America, families and communities are devastated by gun violence every single day. Profiting by encouraging poorly-trained "James Bonds" to walk our streets with loaded handguns is a terrible idea that we need not tolerate.

Best regards,

Josh Horwitz
Executive Director

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

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