I posted this on my facebook just a few moments ago and i thought I would share this with my fellow OCers here. this isnt gun related but it sure is liberty and freedom related.


Okay so, if you cant get a bill passed in congress to give government access to everyone's private data on connected networks. Put the fear of god into them so they gladly hand over their rights and liberties. Whats the best way to keep herd of sheeple in line? Terror.

Wake the hell up people, giving up liberties and your freedom to have a feel good, I'm safe from terror, is a myth. That is the entire point of terrorism. Fear the loss of liberties and freedom and grow a backbone, our fore fathers bleed and died so you could sit there on facebook and express your right to free speech! or sitting in a coffee shop on your ipad blogging about how beautiful a trash bag blowing in the wind is.

WAKE UP! Stop the fear mongering, stop cowering behind your government hoping they take care of you. Take care of your damn self, and your loved ones. Does your senator know your name? do they care if you have 5 dollars to your name and your one and only vehicle to get your kids to school, childcare and yourself to work needs a clutch? does congress call you on the phone when you have a house fire and loose everything?

Terrorism is working exactly how our government and the "terrorist" plan on it working. Turn fear into a motivator to grant full control over yourself and your property. I cant be the only one that sees this?

yes 9/11 was a horrible and terrifying event in our American history, we have survived worse, and it costed us far less. I beg of you red blooded humans, no cyber-patriot act will be positive or good for anyone. Whats the point of protecting a nation without its freedom and civil liberties the elders and fathers/mothers of this country fought to secure. They bleed for us, will you bleed for yours?

Furthermore, for all the naysayers out there, that their immediate response is no we aren't doing that, or no Americans don't think that way read the below article of recent polls taken across the nation.


Yes they flippin do! WAKE UP!