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Thread: What gun group to join???(NRA, GOA, kc3)

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    What gun group to join???(NRA, GOA, kc3)

    Don't get me wrong...OCDO is a great community to belong to. But if a person wanted to spend a little money supporting another pro-gun group, whats a good one to join? I joined the NRA on the "life of duty" memership..... Doesn't cost me anything til next year, but I have heard so many bad things about the NRA that I don't know if I want to send them my money next year. KC3 looks pretty good and I know that most of you belong to them. GOA seems ok too! I'm like most Americans, living paycheck to paycheck, so what group would be the most bang for my buck?
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    If you were a congresscritter and the NRA, KC3 and the GOA called your office who would you talk to first?

    IMO you should belong to a national organization and a local one.

    If you don't like what the NRA is doing work for the inside to change it.

    The NRA has been around for a long time and yes they are slow to embrace new things like CCW, action shooting sports, EBR, but if "new blood" doesn't start filtering in and making their views and desires known how can the organization know it it needs to adapt to the changes that new gun owners want?
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    Ya can always join the 'Kentucky Militia'~ Just ignore their tendency to get raided by the ATF/FBI/DEA in it's past :P
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    I would join a local organization first. KC3 would be excellent, and I think it's the only Kentucky based gun rights group. Local

    After joining local, then go with a national group to fight for us in D.C. and honestly, that group is the NRA. No they're not perfect, but with 4.3 million members, not everyone is going to be happy. The NRA is the largest and most powerful gun rights organization. They have the most pull in D.C.

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    Honestly, each has it's own place in the grand scheme of things.

    The NRA is big and well-known. They have some political muscle and power behind them which is good but they have been known to compromise on issues from time to time; whether that's for the best or not, I can't say.

    The GOA is truly a grassroots gun owner's group, their thought processes are most in line with those of the gun owning community. They are less compromising and most forward thinking but they aren't as big or powerful but they are growing day by day.

    KC3 is not on the same level as those other 2 organizations in the fact that they local to the Commonwealth of Kentucky and not a national organization. They are very active and they have won many battles and victories for the Kentucky gun owner's. They were responsible for us having Concealed Carry in Kentucky, they fought long and hard for that! They are still fighting against those that would have us all disarmed and vulnerable!

    Personally, I joined KC3 first, after all, they are local to our state and have secured many victories for gun owner's in Kentucky. I like the size and power that the NRA have but I like the mentality and fight of the GOA.
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    Despite their many faults, I still recommend the NRA first. They have the most power, and do far more than just political activism. Training, Competition, and Safety are among the things they are known for, and things worth supporting with your membership.

    After that, then GOA, 2AF, and local organizations (including local Friends of NRA, which is dedicated to safety and training, especially for youth) should get some love.
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    Second Amendment Foundation definitely deserves a look
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