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Thread: VCU and Surry

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    VCU and Surry

    I'm out of the woods to give this mornings deer time to expire before I go find him, and I saw today's VCDL Alert.

    Item 1 is VCU. Lots went on there and little has been said about it so a few comments. There were a number of members there, not a huge turnout but it was short notice. Philip was there of course, as was Dennis. Dale was also there as he always is. While Philip and Dennis and the other members were in and out trying to speak and handing out GSL stickers (which the students were gobbling up).

    Before anyone else had arrived, Dale and I were outside. I was setting up the camera and was not carrying and there's a reason I don't always carry at these things. That's in case I get arrested I don't have to sell the gun that they ran a serial number on.
    Dale was Open Carrying.

    Officer Fish approached us and I could tell he was up to something. He had the Barny Fife walk. He asked if I had a permit. No why would I need a permit. You have to have a permit to film here. No I don't. It's public property. No, it's private property and I know what you're going to say and the courts have said it's private property.

    I told him we'd have to let the courts ay it again because I wasn't leaving and he got on the radio with his supervisor. In a few seconds he came back and said "who are you with". I told him and he said Oh, you're OK.

    Well Bull&hit, it doesn't matter who I'm with. Everyone has a perfect right to video there. Philip mentioned it to the Chief and he said the officer was wrong and it had been corrected. That's not good enough for me so expect the Chief to get warmed up some. I'm tired of VCU's nonsense.

    Anyway, later this Same Officer Fish came back, this time to warn Dale not to take his gun in any of the forbidden zones. That was unnecessary since he stayed outside the entire time. Dale put him in his place like the Professional Board member that he is.

    What most don't know. VCU, anticipating all the dangerous gunowners, had brought officers in from other locations and had cars at both streets bordering Harris Hall. and additional Officers patrolling that section.

    Item 2. Apparently Surry County is at it again. According to Philip, the Clerk is refusing to issue Temporary permits. VCDL is taking care of that. If you recall, I had to file numerous complaints with the Supreme Court over illegal procedures in the General District Court Clerks office.

    This bears watching to see if Surry complies.

    VCDL has been busy!

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    Thank you for the update/alert. I always find myself checking here (this board) more than my email, so its nice to be able to read the info here (but still have it in email for later reading if needed).

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    All the crime reports in and around VCU, and they pull officers to watch THE most law-abiding citizens in the state!? THAT is the story that needs to be publicized, and loudly!


    ETA: Imagine the outrage if someone had been robbed and hurt during this time while all the cops were babysitting the grown-ups.
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    VCU PD has worked very hard at solving the crimes committed in or near their area of responsibility. The surrounding agencies work well together.

    That, however, does not help the student or staff who bear the pain of such attacks. Platitudes and excuses are poor salve for the injuries suffered. Let the good, honest people accept some responsibility for their own safety - let them have the tools to accomplish that. Stop providing a victim rich environment. Must we have another major tragedy to point out that GFZ do not provide any safety?

    VCU could be a leader in enlightened thinking rather than a suppressor of freedom. Not likely, but one can hope. We will not quit - state agencies must be included in preemption.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peter nap View Post
    Nice report Peter.
    Carry On.


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