It is well known that for every interest out there, someone (or several someones) will start a blog to discuss it. Some do it for fun, some do it for profit. The gun culture is no different.

Now it seems that one individual has started a 'for profit' blog, and has then proceeded to steal content* not only from from other bloggers, but well known professional photographers as well. I will not link to his blog (as I understand every direct hit helps his search engine optimization efforts), and I'd ask you to not only do the same, but to go two steps further:

1: Perform a search for 'the truth about guns' in both Google and Yahoo, and click on the link to 'the truth about the truth about guns' at the Walls of the City website (it's currently #2 on Yahoo, and top of page 2 in Google). This is the same article linked above.

2: Spread the word to anyone you think my be interested in calling out/exposing a content thief and ask them to do the same. End goal is to have the 'call out' be the first return when someone searches either his name or that of his website.

*Be advised it is a quite thorough documentation of several months worth of underhanded chicanery, and as such is a VERY long post. I do not expect anyone to actually read the whole thing, but just a few paragraphs will give you an idea of the character of this....character.