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Thread: NYPD bulletin asks officers to "work on firearms skills

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    NYPD bulletin asks officers to "work on firearms skills

    The NYPD is finally taking decisive action to prevent shootings of the sort that have been happening lately...
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    But don’t get the idea that the new “Tactical Awareness Bulletin” has anything to do with either the Empire State Building shooting or the terminal result of an apparent road rage incident by a member of Bloomberg’s Army on the Grand Central Parkway. No, not at all. The NYPD brass says it’s just a happy little coinky-dink and they’re stickin’ to that story . . .
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    That's pretty depressing about the Firearm Skills. It's a shame to think that most of us are better shooters then officers who are supposed to "protect us."

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    "Ask them to work on firearm skills?"

    Aren't they supposed to be professiosnals? Why ask?

    Here's a crazy idea. Make it mandatory. Learn how to do your job correctly without killing innocent people.

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