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Thread: SC Permitless Carry / Restaurant Carry Pamphlet

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    SC Permitless Carry / Restaurant Carry Pamphlet

    A while ago, I created a pamphlet for spreading the word about how South Carolina can get permitless carry and restaurant carry, but never had a chance to share it with anyone. In parts of the pamphlet there are comparisons between South Carolina's gun laws and other states' gun laws. I just updated the pamphlet to take into account that the Oklahoma licensed open carry law goes into effect November 1st. In that aspect, the pamphlet's info about Oklahoma isn't valid until November 1st.

    Anyway, if you see anything that needs fixing or small recommendations, just let me know. Though, I don't want to spend much more time on this, as my family and I are in the beginning process of moving out west and getting off grid. So, maybe I can send anyone that's interested the editable source document if they want to take over this pamphlet in the future.

    This is a tri-fold pamphlet, meant to be printed out two-sided and folded appropriately.

    I attached the pamphlet to this post and provided a link below to where I'm hosting it, as well:

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