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    Az cwp


    I know, we are open carry & yes, I carry that way most of the time but, there is still a need for CC sometimes. I also travel a bit and needed something that would work in Nevada. Both my CO & UT don't work there. I considered a non-resident permit for NV, but they required me to travel there & take their class. Too much time & $$$.

    Then I found AZ has reciprocity that compliments CO well for the last few possible states. They will take a mailed application with a copy on my CO permit as proof of training and a money order.

    I want to give the AZ group an atta boy for a stellar response time. I mailed the application on 9/28 and rec'd it the other day - total of 18 days mailbox to mailbox. They are definitely worth considering if you need the additional combination of states.

    The cost was $60. You can go to their site at or email them at & they will snailmail you a package that includes the application and fingerprint cards for one person.

    I had Castle Rock PD do the fingerprints - charge $10.

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    Yes, I recommend the AZ permit to those in the same boat!
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    Response times seem to be getting better. When I got it 2 yrs ago, it was 14 days. This time last year they were running 2 months. Looks like it's back to 2 weeks-ish.
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