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Thread: Here Are Five Stories Of Shootings In the Last Five Days

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    Here Are Five Stories Of Shootings In the Last Five Days

    This one is undercurrent discussion:

    These have occured in the last five days:

    Once in a while we get a self defence story. Maybe there are more of the above wacko killings than self defence acts. I realize that we have had accidental killings and that is sad. But the way this economy is heading, there are bound to be more wacko killings but more self defence stances by law abiding citizens against these wackoes or commom burgerlers . As times get hard people get desperate thus rise in burglaries etc... Don't hear much about them. I have to be somewhat conspiritorial because I don't trust our government. Our country is polarized. Maybe I am a little ahead since a dramatic rise in crimes etc... has not risen yet, but is to come depending on the outcome of the election and the economy. Maybe the outcome it self will cause something since the country is so polarized. Me thinks we should prepare ourselves reasonably, to be able to feed our families, defend our homes. I not talking about apoplictic senarios. That is another story.

    Any inputs?
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    It has been a active choice from the MSM to down play the good and proper use of firearms for decades.

    One just has to look here and other pro gun sites to find dozsens of good pro gun stories.

    It is all part of the anti's plan to make the use and owner ship of firearms a bad thing. Now with the new media, IE talk radio and more important the internet.

    We are able to fight their lies and misiformation. As more and more people get there infomation for some other source then the MSM the faster we will win.
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