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Thread: New guy, under 21 quick open carry question.

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    New guy, under 21 quick open carry question.

    Hi all im new to the forum as stated in the title. Background on myself, im 19, ive grown up in a military/leo family, hunted since i was 6, owned first firearm at 10, have openly carried a long gun in my personal vehicle since i was 16 (roof rack, s&w m&p ar15 and savage model 111 338 lapua rifle). My dads a retired leo and ive spoken to him about open carry but he told me to research it a little first as he is not sure if the laws have changed in the past 5 years. I know or think i know that legally my dad being over 21 can purchase a handgun from a ffl license holder and gift transfer it to me (correct?), and then that according to the Ky krs revised statute 527.100 that any person bein of legal age 18 years or older and not a convicted felon can legally inside the commonwealth of KY openly carry a handgun in a manner visible to leo's and public. Am i correct on this?

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    You will hear much more quickly from the KY experts if you post this in their state-specific forum.

    And here's the Sticky in their forum with the primer on KY laws:
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    You are correct.

    Your dad cannot legally take your money, purchase a firearm and then give it to you though. He can buy a firearm for a gift to you or he can buy a firearm for himself because of your suggestion, realize he does not like it and then sale it to you for what he has in it or even make a profit. It is all the same thing but it is legal stuff. You end up with a firearm that you purchased, he just had to go to an FFL and get it.

    Also, know that Kentucky has no registry system on firearm. For you to legally own a firearm all he has to hand you the firearm and say it is yours or any other way that you receive the firearm and him passing the firearm ownership to you. DO NOT take it to an FFL holder, some less-than-honest FFL holders will charge you around $50 to "transfer it to you" (two transfers; him to them, them to you).

    My brother-in-law learned this the not so hard way. He thought he knew more than me so he took my sig mosquito that he purchased for me to Borders Sporting goods in Ashland. Being honest people they wouldn't "transfer" it to me, but it didn't stop them from laughing at his ignorance.

    Also, know that sometimes you can legally "conceal" a firearm. In a vehicle it is not legally concealed if the firearm is in a factory installed compartment (glovebox, center console, slide-in cup holder). You can also legally carry concealed on property that you own or a few named-relatives property.

    Visit the KY forum for more information. Hopefully this helps.
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