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Thread: Home Depot Corporation A+

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    Home Depot Corporation A+

    I live in The Dalles Oregon. Last Friday The Home Depot here in The Dalles informed me I could no longer open carry in the store contrary to The Home Depot corporate policy (Our policy is that we do not prohibit anyone who is legally permitted to carry firearms from entering our stores, provided the firearms are carried in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Steve Holmes
    Senior Manager
    Corporate Communications & External Affairs
    The Home Depot)

    I called the regional office. They elected to stand behind the decision. I decided to have a 3í x 6í banner made that said, ď The Dalles Home Depot does not respect our Second Amendment right. Coastal, Tum-A-Lum, and Swayers Hardware doĒ (local competitors). My plan was to park in front of Home Depotís property with the banner on the side of my truck. I emailed my story and my banner message to The Home Depot corporate in Atlanta.
    The very next day I get an apology email from them. The Home Depotís general manager here in The Dalles called me at home and informed me that corporate called him. I am now very pleased to say open carry in The Dalles Home Depot is alive and well.
    I feel their response time and their stand speaks volumes about The Home Depot Corporation and it's open carry policy.

    Don't be angered by their ignorance. Be polite, your carrying a gun.


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    Great to hear! Thanks for the update!

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    Home Depot Corporation A+

    Nice job!
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    Home Depot Corporation A+

    Good stuff! Hopefully they will fix their issues. This situation should have never made it past the store manager much less the regional office. Kudos to you for following through
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    While it never should have happened, and your first contact should have resolved things when it did happen, your efforts do show that Home Depot does care about their bottom line and shareholder dividends. But that's what corporations are supposed to care about. They keep themselves happy by trying to have happy customers that keep coming back. Making corporate HQ aware of the actions/decision of the local store and regional management helped them see those folks were not caring about the things corporate cares about.

    Remember, we have no Second Amendment rights when it comes to private businesses. What we have is the ability to help them see that their decision not to recognize Law Abiding Citizens who OC as potential customers is not good for their bottom line, and thus not good for their shareholders.

    Thanks for what you have done. It may have ripple effects across all the Home Depot stores. It also gave a great hint at how we can address our concerns to corporate types. The mere threat of a banner parked out in front seems to have motivated them.

    Well done!

    stay safe.
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    It may be one straw, but one of these straws one of these days will break the back of the camel that is the anti movement.

    Thank you.

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