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Thread: OC in rio rancho

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    OC in rio rancho

    OC'd in Rio Rancho's verizon contract store and staff was completely confortable but another customer came in and phreaked as she walked widely around me to the otherside of the counter w/nothing in her hands...the customer needed to use the fone next to me to validate her account information so again a wide berth around me to the fone. when finished she then was around at the otherside of the counter playing w/a full sized mace spray device in her hands .

    where it came from is beyond my knowledge but when she left even the staff commented on it...


    PS: lovely to see the dogwoods changing along the rio grande...quite beautiful
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    ...I guess you didn't look like you could have been a LEO for her to assume the worst?

    Not that we NEED to look like LEOs, of course (I dress however I want), I'm just saying that MOST people probably (and immediately) assume an OCer is a LEO, either on or off duty. Wonder why she didn't.

    Whatever, someone should have told her that in the REAL world, Mace doesn't work too well against bullets. ;-)
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