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    I just wanted to pass along a reccomendation for a new ammo supplier I have found. has amazing deals, and they carry numerous brands of LE only ammunition (basically just 50 round boxes of personal defense ammo which we can only get in 20 round boxes for an extreme price) for sale to the general public. They have the 50 round boxes of Gold-dot in numerous calibers, and for a great price. They also have 50 round boxes of Winchester Ranger T-series, Remington Golden Sabers, Federal HST, and others. The price? Excellent!

    50 rounds of 40 S&W 155 grain Speer Gold-dots: $26.95.

    50 round box of 125 grain .357 Sig. Gold-dots: $31.00.

    50 rounds of the NEW 40 S&W 175 grain Hornady Critical Duty: $26.00

    I have placed an order for several different boxes of ammunition and shipping isn't bad at all. For the type of ammunition, amount, and price this site can't be beat as far as I have seen. We pay more for 20 rounds of the ammunition listed above than we do for 50 rounds from SGA.

    Just thought I would pass this along; I am extremely happy I ran across this distributor.
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    ive been wanting to order from sgammo for a while to get some ammo but havent had the funds to do it...ive also heard a lot of good things about them.
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