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Thread: Media reports surrounding Open Carry Day in Oklahoma!

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    Media reports surrounding Open Carry Day in Oklahoma!

    Thanks to the help of Google News Alerts, and copious amounts of Starbucks Double Shot with energy, I have managed to amass quite a collection of news stories about the days leading up to, and the effective date of open carry in the Sooner State. Rather than copy them all here, I'll post links to the stories. Click through to see video on the stories that have it.

    Two interesting things I noticed.
    1) The progression from HOLY CRAP! OPEN CARRY IS COMING EVERYONE GET READY!!!1!! to eventually Nothing Actually Happened....
    2) I was REALLY surprised by the lack of hack job journalism. Less scaremongering than I expected, and nobody was quoted out of context to make them look stupid/redneck/scary. ESPECIALLY the NY Times article. It actually was pretty awesome.

    Oct 25: KFOR: Open carry law in effect Nov. 1

    Oct 31: NY Times: Oklahoma Prepares for Open Carry Gun Laws

    Oct 31: KXII: Police and business owners prepare for Oklahoma’s open carry law

    Oct 31: Dallas Morning News: Oklahoma’s open-carry firearms law takes effect Thursday

    Oct 31: KTEN: Oklahoma Prepares for Open Carry

    Nov 1: Oklahoma City gun owners exercise their new rights

    Nov 1: Arkansas: Neighbor alters law on pistols

    Nov 1: News on 6: Gun Owners Exercise Right To Carry Openly At Owasso Restaurant

    Nov 1: KFOR: Open carry now legal in Oklahoma

    Nov 1: Tulsa World: Little public reaction seen as open carry begins in Oklahoma

    Nov 1: NewsOK: Open carry arrives with a whimper in Oklahoma

    Nov 2: Fox 23: Open Carry goes into effect

    Nov 2: Tulsa World: Oklahoma quietly enters the open-carry arena

    Nov 3: Stillwater PD also Reports ZERO calls to 911 on OK Open Carry Day

    Enjoy some good reading. We definitely got a lot of attention here in Oklahoma.
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    Really positive media stream. Nice job of putting it together too.

    When all is said and done, it was just another day with people going about their normal everyday business - no settling arguments the wrong way, no emergency rooms packed with the injured. There was just one tiny difference - there was a marked reduction in the business model for crime wherever an openly carried handgun rode passively on the hip of its owner.

    You all have accomplished a major good thing in advancing the freedom of good, honest people to protect themselves and their loved ones. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back and smile, smile a lot - it drives the detractors up the wall.

    Maybe the media is starting to learn, getting it right and tired of looking foolish with erroneous scare tactics. Whatever the cause, I know something of the hard work it takes to get there and want to congratulate everybody that contributed to making this happen.

    Fantastic job, well done!
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    I was surprised finding my name in the tulsa world, but i am proud to represent broken arrow and okoca.

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    Great read keep it up. The only thing that bugs me when they write these articals is the low key missleading statement of "Oklahoma becomes the 14th state to allow permitted open carry". To the non OC literate that just says 14 states allow OC. Why don't they just say Oklahoma became the 43rd state to allow open carry. While some states are permit required and some aren't the fact still remains that 43 states not just 14 allow OC.

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    To be technically correct, it is now 44 states.

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    Oklahoma has the benefit of wide public notice that would also benefit many states like Colorado.

    A significant reduction in criminal activity at business locations that welcome lawfully armed customers will soon settle the issue.

    The sheep that may bleet a little at the initial sight of a sheep dog amongst the herd will benefit from the enhanced safety they will enjoy despite their "concerns".

    Looking forward to my next trip to Choctaw, OK.

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