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Thread: OC is alive and well in OK

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    OC is alive and well in OK

    On another Missouri 2A forum some one asked how OC is going in OK since it became "legal" November 1st. Here is what I posted:
    If you go to and the "forum", search for OK there is a lot of discussion. There are many posts of folks who have been OCing since moment #1 November 1st and zero problems!

    Here is one post:

    This is called "feedom", exercising your constitutional rights. No one panics, many have encountered LEOs with no problems either. It's all over the papers,TV and radio so no one is surprised or going crazy. I'll try to get down there as time allows and meet-up with some of them also! I met with OCers in AZ, Wisconsin, SD and many from throughout Missouri.

    If MO. would just fix the complicated "municipal" prohibition you'd probably see a lot more of it here. There are many in the K.C. area, Columbia, St. Charels Co., Franklin Co, and Jefferson City. Most of the time, no one notices and no one cares. A few of us have an open carry dinner tomorrow in Pacific, MO. No one ever has said a word and we know the LEOS know the law and we've chatted with many of them, many times. AGAIN, NO BIG WOOF, Let freedom ring!
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    Unfortunately, the cops in KC are sorely lacking in awareness. One tried to make contact with me the other day:

    "Who do you work for?"

    I pretended not to hear him and kept putting the lid on my QT 32 ouncer...

    "Are you working?"

    I turned and smiled, "Nope! End of a long day and I am headed home! Have a great night! Later!" Sounded like chit chat to me

    And I walked up front to pay for my goodies while he wandered toward the register with a puzzled look on his face... lol.

    It's time that the city trains their officers. This is nothing new and most have heard already. There is no excuse now...
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