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Thread: Voice Recorder Question

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    Voice Recorder Question

    So I was at the store checking out voice recorders over the weekend and it seemed that all the ones I saw used AA batteries.

    First question is about how often do you have to replace these batteries?

    Second question is, does anyone use a recorder with a rechargeable battery, something like a cell phone battery?
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    Last time I shopped, I didn't see any with built-in, rechargeable batteries and I'm rather glad of that. I'd much sooner use rechargeable AA's than have to purchase a new recorder when the built-in battery finally decided it had been charged enough times. I admit it's not quite as convenient to stick new/recharged batteries in every once in awhile, but I definitely prefer only replacing the battery to replacing the recorder.

    My batteries last about a month, I only activate the recorder when I'm exiting my car and then erase and turn it back off (if I remember) once I'm back inside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrdware View Post

    First question is about how often do you have to replace these batteries?
    I wonder if this as actually able to be calculated ... 2 AA = ? watts/hrs available , then voltage @ amps of recorder to calculate watts used


    I have seen 2.4 watt/hrs per AA referenced on the web ... so 2 would be 4.8 watt/hrs ...

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    Voice Recorder Question

    I use rechargeable aaa and they last almost 24 hours constant use. It's a little Sony one.

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    NiMH rechargables with a rating of 2000mA or better should give you more than enough juice to run all day for several days, and are magnitudes better and last longer than NiCADs. Buy several sets - one in the recorder, one in the charger, and a spare charged set in your pocket. There are many places on the web that sell plastic battery cases that will keep your spares from getting all crudded up and from rattling around making more noise than a pocket full of spare change. (There are also adapters so you can use your AAA/AA batteries in decices that take C or D batteries. Yes, it is a case of size mattering.)

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    I use plain old alkaline batteries in my Olympus VN-702PC, which is in almost daily use. I wind up replacing the batteries about every two or three days at worst. This recorder is voice activated and goes into a "Standby" mode when no one is talking. It also hooks directly to the USB port on my PC with a supplied cable for almost instantaneous downloading of recordings.

    It takes a miniature flash card which boosts the recording time to 68 hours vs. the 34 hours using the internal memory.

    Yeah, I'm real happy with it. Among the features is the option of turning off the LED that lights up when you're recording.

    Now all I need is a remote mike for it so that I can put it somewhere besides my shirt pocket!!
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