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Thread: One More Reason To Be Armed

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    One More Reason To Be Armed

    This type of senario has probably occured here in Wisconsin. Do we need to be indivisually armed, because one does not know what tomorrow holds.

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    The suspects reportedly gained access to the house by offering to do yard work, but as soon as they were inside began viciously beating the man who offered to employ them.
    I'm guessing they mean inside the fence. Why would they be inside the house if they'd been hired to do yard work?
    Good reason to OC while working in the yard, while around the house, & to have your spouse similarly prepared.

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    Tactics and being aware are very important. They could very well be more important then the type of fire arm carried.

    I heard so many times I didn't think it could happen to me, I thought it was fireworks,why would any body want to hurt me.

    Playing the what if game can go along way to improving ones awareness. Just thinking about if this happens what am I going to do.

    Being totally caught off guard one loses seconds just trying to sort things out.

    Think,look around,beaware, don't go around in the black ,have a plan,just a couple of seconds can give one a huge advanage over being caught unaware.
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    Even if the homeowner had been armed he wouldn't have been thinking that the man or men he just hired would mug him. Unless he was talking to them with his gun in open sight or in his hand they had him by surprise and not much more he could do about it unless he was agile, strong and an experienced fighter. It's a crying shame because the next group that approaches him innocently is going to be treated suspiciously and this man will never look at strangers the same way again. Nobody should have to live like that.
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