I listen to a whole lot of podcasts, read alot of forums, and I almost never post to them. But this was something I felt needed to be echoed here so I registered and felt a need to share it. Gun guy radio (I won't link to them because they didn't do a great job on the issue, to get their website just combine the three word in their name into one and add .com to the end) on their most recent episode (number 35) mentions open carry. The talk about it and one of the guests mentions LSCDL but says he doesn't care for them, but lists them out of fairness. He's an elitist and mentioned the elitist forum that we all love to hate and one of the cohosts confirmed it as a good place to go. But the OC discussion Starts at 57 minutes into and its short so you won't have to suffer through the elitist drivel very long.