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Thread: How I Lost the Only Election That Mattered

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    How I Lost the Only Election That Mattered

    A few years ago, OCDO had an election. It was to name that little dancing monkey emoticon.

    Didn't know the little monkey actually had a name, did you?

    Here's how it happened, and the sad tale of my short, spectacular political trajectory.

    Some bright bulb decided the monkey needed a name.

    After a few days of soul-searching and careful thought, several names were tendered.

    After some caucusing, it seemed to come down to two candidates.

    BobCav was the campaign manager for Primer.

    And, I solemnly accepted the duties of campaign manager for Whiggy.

    Now, Primer was a good name, but, I thought it lacked strength, dignity, and a sense of freedom.

    Clearly, to me, Whiggy was a much better name. It carried the freedom-loving connotations of the old Whig Party like a warm family tradition. And, had just the right amount of whimsy to go with his happy little dance.

    BobCav campaigned, campaigned, campaigned for Primer.

    I campaigned, campaigned, campaigned for Whiggy.

    But, it was not to be.

    Election day came, ballots were balloted, polls were polled.

    And Primer won.
    This emoticon was the entirety of my concession speech:

    So, now you know. The most important election of my life, and I lost.

    And, now you know the monkey's name.

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    I'll make you an offer: I will argue and fight for all of your rights, if you will do the same for me. That is the only way freedom can work. We have to respect all rights, all the time--and strive to win the rights of the other guy as much as for ourselves.

    If I am equal to another, how can I legitimately govern him without his express individual consent?

    There is no human being on earth I hate so much I would actually vote to inflict government upon him.

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    Should have asked for a recount .... don't worry, I have ran for public offices before ... never won....

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