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Thread: So...What to do now?

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    So...What to do now?

    Stop pulling the wagon.

    This is how I'm going to stop pulling and get into the wagon:

    1. I am pulling what remaining 401k money I have in the market out. I pulled most of it out when Obama won the first time. Since I have changed positions (even though I am with the same company in a different city), I can transfer everything from that old plan with limited options to any private plan. The one 401k I left alone (because it was the only one making money--and it was making serious money) will be liquidated. I have a tiny amount of money in a State pension plan. Out it comes. My wife's plan has been in bonds. It'll stay there until the house sells, Wendy quits her job and moves up here, then it gets liquidated. We have an IRA in a bank as cash deposits. It is already liquid. I have another liquid IRA that had been invested in the market and was converted to liquid assets four years ago. All of these liquid IRAs and 401ks will be reinvested in precious metal IRAs (physical metal, not paper representational assets).

    2. When Wendy quits working to move, she won't be taking a job up here.

    3. In two year's time, we will be eligible to start withdrawing from that consolidated IRA. At that point in time, I will quit working.

    4. All my life Wendy and I have deliberately avoided taking advantage of government handouts to which we were "entitled," in one case, much to the consternation of the Biloxi school system. Since we would not take reduced price lunches for our children, which made them ineligible for additional federal money they would have gotten had we signed up. When we were first married, we were eligible for food stamps. We managed to feed ourselves. Those days are over. We will be seeking every federal and State dollar we can legally put our hands on, and we will take them all.

    5. We will immediately stop all discretionary spending. Our spending will be limited to the necessities of life: Food, clothing, shelter, utilities, etc. Leftover money will be invested in precious metals and survival supplies (for when the whole thing collapses).

    Screw Obama and his 47% of takers. It is time for me to stop giving and start taking until the system implodes. Once it implodes, I will be prepared. The 47% will not be. God help any of them who try to take from me then.

    I would like to encourage as many other wagon-pullers to stop pulling and get into the wagon with me. Any others up for that? A lot of folks are going to do this involuntarily. Many will quit partially by downsizing as a result of the contracting economy. Some will quietly but deliberately quit partially or totally, making no big deal out of it, but having a big effect on the already growing mess. But I'd like to see a more formal grassroots movement of folks striking against the entitlement state that was permanently entrenched on Tuesday. It's going to happen. I'd just like to formalize it a bit so that it is a clear consequence of a large portion of the population using the ballot box to rob the rest of us.

    You up for that?

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    Whatever you are planning, do it fast. Tomorrow Obozo is telling (after the election) the nation about the fiscal abyss we've fallen fall into over the last four years. How thoughtful of the ass to spare voters the petty detail before the election that he failed measurably, and there will be hell to pay by the middle class. I half suspect he'll say the U.S Constitution is preventing Government from paving the way to providing every subject with the basic needs to get by, day-to-day.
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    The wagon is breaking my back...I am just about there with you...

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    Welcome to the club. Some of us have been here a while, knowing it was inevitable, even before knowing who would be the impetus.
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    Welcome to Galt's Gulch
    population ....growing rapidly

    We took the same approach about a year ago. As several like-minded families we're collecting together are saying: We're preparing for's coming. Probably not an external invasion, but the riots and mass whining of those who will not do for themselves will stop asking and demanding from those of us who've previously provided through our tax dollars and other contributions and start taking (or rather attempting to) it by force.

    There's a storm coming - prepare now while time grows short.
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