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Thread: Gun Safety With John Wayne! (No! Really!)

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    Gun Safety With John Wayne! (No! Really!)

    The greatest western cowboy actor of all time gives his thoughts on gun safety. The first eighteen minutes are gun safety. The rest seems to be hunter info.

    It dates from 1970, so don't expect the Four Rules to be explained.

    John Wayne closes by saying, "And that's just what I wish you, the best of sports outdoors. And, the safest."

    Brings a lump to my throat.

    Here's the link also:

    If you pay attention, Wayne's characters' gun safety is pretty bad. In Rio Bravo he carries a Winchester lever action cocked with his finger inside the trigger guard. Of course, you have to tear your eyes off a very young Angie Dickinson to notice. He does however demonstrate excellent muzzle control----when he bashes one of Burdette's hired killers in the face with the barrel.

    Its nice to see Wayne took the time to contribute to the safety part of the film.
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