Saturday, Nov. 17, - VA Fairfax Rod & Gun highpower rifle match

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Subject: High Power Rifle "Fun Match" - Sat. 11/17


There will be a High Power Rifle "Fun Match" Saturday, Nov. 17 at the Fairfax Rod & Gun Club. Registration begins at 8:00am, squadding is at 8:30. Please be on time in order to be assigned to a squad and firing point. The match will be an 800agg, match fee = $5.00, exact change is appreciated. Don't forget to bring a stapler for refacing targets. Match bulletin attached.

See you on the firing line,
Alan Willard

Fairfax Rod & Gun Club
2012 High Power Rifle Monthly Matches 800 agg.

Location: Fairfax Rod & Gun Club
Benson Range
7039 Signal Hill Road
Manassas, Virginia 20111
Date: TBD
Time: Registration 8:00 8:30
Squadding 8:30
Pits sealed 8:50
Firing Begins 9:00
Requirements: Open to the public. Membership in the NRA or Virginia Sports Shooting Association not required but shooters are encouraged to join.
Rules: Current NRA High Power Rules will govern. Competitors will score, work target pits and assist range personnel as required.

Refires will not be allowed.

Club rules require eye and ear protection. Shooters must wear eye protection in order to compete. Knobloch and similar frames are sufficient providing a blinder is placed in front of the non-aiming eye.
Entry Fees: Individual per match - $10.00
Juniors per match - $5.00
How to Enter: Submit fee and pickup a score card on the day of the match.

Course of Fire: Stage 1: Two sighters and twenty shots slow fire, Standing, time limit of 22 minutes.
Stage 2: Two sighters in two minutes, then ten shots in the Sitting or Kneeling position in 60 seconds. The stage will be repeated for a total of 20 shots for record no additional sighters.
Stage 3: Two sighters in two minutes, then ten shots in the Prone position in 70 seconds. The stage will be repeated for a total of 20 shots for record no additional sighters.
Stage 4: Two sighting shots and twenty shots slow fire in the Prone position in 22 minutes.
Equipment: 1. Service Rifle, Match Rifle
2. Ammunition: Any type of sporting or target ammunition may be used. Armor piercing, Tracer, and Incendiary ammunition is strictly prohibited.
Challenge: A $2.00 fee will be charged for any challenge lost.
Empty Chamber Indicator: While on the range, all uncased firearms will have the bolts open, magazines removed and an Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) inserted in the empty chamber.

Classification: NRA Classification applies. Unclassified competitors will compete as Unclassified competitors in individual competition.

Awards: Awards will be commensurate with the number of entries.

General: Food and potable water is not available at the range.
Information: Contact Alan Willard at:


All firearms must be unloaded when transported on Club property, except for persons with lawful authorization to carry a concealed handgun. Only on-duty law enforcement officers may carry in exposed holsters if complete personal control of the firearm is maintained at all times. Exposed carry is restricted to Club sanctioned or Board authorized activities.

Wearing eye and ear protection is mandatory for all persons on or near active ranges.

No loaded firearm may be left unattended or otherwise not in full control of its owner. A firearm in a locked vehicle is considered under control.

Actions of uncased firearms must be open except when ready to fire. Closed breech firearms may be closed and placed in a stationary gun rack after a safety check to ensure they are unloaded.

Only one firearm at a time may be uncased or otherwise immediately available to each shooter.

Firearms in cases, shooting boxes, holsters, or a stationary rack behind the line are considered not immediately available to a shooter. Only ammunition for the firearm in use is allowed at the firing point.

No firearm may be loaded until the shooter is on a firing point and ready to shoot on an active range (please see specific Range Rules section for muzzle loaders). A firearm is considered loaded if any part of a shell, cartridge, or charge is within any part of the firearm.

Detached magazines and clips may be pre-loaded. All firing must be from established firing lines or shooting stations unless specially allowed on a specific range or during an approved training session.