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    New Member - Idaho Falls

    Been all over the firearms forums for a few years but new to this one as while I do CC I do not OC at this point in time. Just joined for good local information about Idaho and as yet another forum to read in my free time at work haha. My main question right now is that I'm new to CC and would like anyone familiar with Idaho Falls to share any firearm unfriendly businesses around town that I should avoid from now on. Any input is appreciated, thanks.

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    Mikey Idaho, "Welcome to the Club," as they say.

    Idaho Falls' Firearm Code fits mostly in-line with Idaho State statutes. A bit overzealous (in that they duplicate much of existing Idaho Code 18-3302) in my personal opinion, though.

    Here's a link to Idaho Falls Firearm code:

    The part in Idaho Falls Code (IFC) 5-14-2 noting:
    "...that any person shall be allowed to carry any of the above weapons in the places mentioned above on securing a permit from the Bonneville County Sheriff"

    would be better served when worded as follows:

    "...that any person with a State of Idaho Concealed Weapons Permit per Idaho Code 18-3302 (or similiar permit from other States which the State of Idaho recognizes) shall be allowed to conceal carry any of the above weapons in the above-mentioned places."

    The reason for explicitly stating conceal carry is that a city can not pass any law, regulation, rule, policy, etc., pertaining to open carry.

    IFC 5-14-11 is out of step with IC 19-202A, in that it declares someone guilty of a misdemeanor for the discharge of such when they are protecting themselves or another.

    IFC's Chapter 5-14 would best be replaced in it's entirety by something similar to Caldwell's code (of which they changed it to 5 short days after I chatted with their Chief of Police on their outdated and/or out-of-sync-with-State-statutes code):

    Hope this helps.
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