I just added another post on my blog if you fine folks would care to read dig into it... Freedom First 1775

"Now, there are the mockers out there who will scoff at anyone who points to these machinations as something both unnatural and evil. But why? Why is it so hard to believe that those people who would actively seek to exalt themselves to the positions of the very highest power would also be without other motives and thus somehow unwilling to harm others to gather the very power they crave? Why, in the light of centuries of recorded history would reasonable and otherwise intelligent people refuse to acknowledge a pattern of abuse that stretches throughout that same history? That kings and rulers, presidents and dictators are all subject to the same corruption and desires as normal man or perhaps worse? Is it fear? A willing disbelief? A desire to reject reality and itís painful results? I donít know but for me it was mere ignorance."

By the way, I'm not blogging to pull traffic from this site (I have no ads), I just have ideas and observations that take room and time to dig through. Plus it's easier than posting to multiple forums...

God bless!